You can be sending data offsite in 3 Easy Steps:

    1) Fill out Online ORDER FORM or Call 503-645-9003
    2) Install the Required Backup and Administrative Agents
    3) Start A Backup Session

Ordering The Service

Once we receive your request for service, a session with one of our backup specialists will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. You will receive a confirmation email with instruction on how to download our software. Once you have downloaded our software our technical service staff will contact you at the pre-arranged time to assist with completion of the installation and configuration session, our specialist will assist you in configuring our software for your system.

Installation of Backup Agents

During the Installation process our Technical Specialist will assist you with the following:

  • Setup of Account/Username/Authentication/Passwords
  • Creation of Backup Schedule
  • Selection of data for Backup
  • Selection of Appropriate Encryption
  • Setup Email Notification
  • Demonstrate How to Restore your Data

Your choices can be easily modified following the initial configuration. As the Adminstrator, you have total control over your backups.


The session will conclude with a test to ensure your backups are working. Upon completion of the test backup your system will "wake-up" and make a secure connection to our system according to the schedule you established. The data will be encrypted and compressed, then transmitted to our secure data storage vaults automatically. All communications are initiated by the client.